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Is it a bongo? Is it a cat? It's BONGO CAT!

A cat that plays various musical instruments. This isn't exactly a game, more like a recreation of a meme

A cat and a keyboard

A cat and a bongo

A cat meows

A cat and a recorder


Computer KeyKeyboard NoteMeow & Recorder NoteBongo
SPACEone octave higher--

F11 = Fullscreen
ESC = Menu
Use mouse to navigate the menu.


made by Spaaacey
menu music by You're Pefect Studio
font by Daniel Linssen

P.S Sorry if the controls are a bit confusing, just keysmash and see what works

P.P.S If you find any bugs, please dm me on twitter @spaaacey :D

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
Made withBosca Ceoil, Aseprite, GameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, bongo-cat, Cats, Meme, Music, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


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This game is so adorable!

Well made.


Amazing !

I put the credits in the description ?

it should have html5


dont mind me im just doing a  bongo cat move


 what is wrong yellow man

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llkjddsasdkkfjddsasdjjfddsasd megolavania

  • I remember this one...From Y8 when i was a Kid  :) And it was FUN!  
  • First comment))

this was fun an i suck as music but i did enjoy the bongo cat XD also here is me having a great time: 

This was a good game!!

I got bored kinda quickly but still a good game. 

Does anyone know how to uninstall this? 

I guess you just yeet the game in the bin with all its data.

Or disinstall via Itch app.




i played thomas the tank engine theme song


I played this and had fun. Here's my video on it (Skip to - 3:01)


i love it.

i played old town road on this

and part of megalovania

double and maybe triple meme??


I love this cute game, it looks like my cat Sailor! Meow, Meow, Meow Your sorrows Away, Meow, Meow When Your Feeling Gray.. HEY! Meow, Meow, Meow here Every Day, Meow, Meow For A Happy Day.. Yay! 

best music game i ever played


Best game i have ever  ever played


i played the meow one and totally freaked out my cat who was sitting next to me


aww kitty!!



bongo cat dies inside (not clickbait)


You should add the option to rapidly smack the bongos.

ahaha im sure if you smash your keyboard fast enough, you can achieve the same effect :P

Deleted 1 year ago

thanks simon (: 


1 love

perfect meme video for this meme game :D

oh... yes


It was a really cool game, I loved playing it! So as promised here's the video, If you want to skip ahead to Bongo cat its the second game, Around 10:07 

I LOVED THE VIDEO AND YOUR REACTION!! <3 <3 Thank you so much for sharing this, i really appreciates it :D

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THIS GAME IS JUST WAY TO CUTE! I hope you don't mind but I show cased it in a video for my YouTube channel. After its edited and uploaded I will link it.

thank you for playing! and i don't mind at all, im excited for the VIDEO!!!!  


Lol this is epi!  My pikachu loves it too!


awwww <3


I had fun toying around with this.
Good job!

I even did a video of me testing it out.

this is super cool!!! thank you for recording this video <3


You're welcome


Where is the Linux version?


aaaaa when im not broke, and have money to get the developer version of gamemaker :(


Perhaps you should give Unity a go? All its features are a part of the free version, including Web, Linux, Windows, MacOS, etc. build support. I've been using it for over a year and am very happy with it; I never payed a penny!


I will definitely give Unity a go in the future!! It just seems super daunting to learn a new engine especially Unity since it's a massive engine compare to gamemaker haha but I know basic C# so hopefully it won't HARD! 

In the meantime, I'll might able to Linux port for gamemaker next week or so. Either that or I'll try to re-make this with Unity. Either way i'll let you know, but a Linux version is available :D


My two unsolicited cents: I guess a HTML5 port would work on Linux too? It also works on mobile so makes for a cheap iOS/Android port ;)


ooO this is actually a really good idea! I might do this instead, we'll see! ugh i wish yoyo games give u discounts for upgrading to web version 


Really like the "game", it's neat <3. What I like most about it are the menu effects, they are done awesome :-) Controls are very intuitive and easy to understand

All in all: Great work 

PS: Can't wait for Part 2 :P

thank you for the feedback! I was worried about the controls, so im happy that it wasnt a problem!